Fr. Richard Boyle, Principal

Fr. Richard Boyle was born into a military family, now residing in New Jersey. Upon graduating from St. Joseph’s Academy in Richmond, MI he entered St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary. After his ordinations in June of 2009, he was appointed to Denver, CO. For six years he taught at the academy there and traveled to numerous chapels around the nation. He served his first role as Principal at Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy in Oak Grove, MN in 2015. Two years later his Alma Mater claimed their alumnus as Prior and Principal. In 2017 Warners, NY welcomed Fr. Boyle.

  • Prior of Blessed Virgin Mary Church
  • Principal of Mater Dei Academy
  • Religion Department Head
  • Chaplain of the Altar & Rosary Society
  • Chaplain of the Holy Name Society

Fr. Philip DeLallo, a Kansas native, was ordained in June 2021 and returns to here to high school Alma Mater as the Boys' School Chaplain and to teach high school religion.

  • Chaplain of the Boys' School
  • 9th & 10th Boys’ Religion

Fr. Richard Brueggemann comes from northern Kentucky. Before entering St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary he gained experience working in various trades. Upon his ordination in July of 2017, he was stationed in Denver, CO. For three years, he taught at the academy there while also overseeing the missions in Nevada and Texas. In August of 2020 he was appointed to Mater Dei Academy.

  • Chaplain of the Archconfraternity of St. Stephen
  • Chaplain of Boys’ School
  • Prefect of the Boys’ Dormitory
  • 7th & 8th Religion

Fr. Joseph Haynos grew up in Post Falls, Idaho where he attended the SSPX school, Immaculate Conception Academy. He graduated in 2007 and entered St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary that fall. Upon his ordination in June of 2014, he spent his first three years of priesthood in St. Mary’s, KS where he taught in the academy and college, serviced the mission in Wichita, KS and took charge of the high school boys’ dorm for one year. In 2017 he was transferred to Walton, KY where he served as Principal of Assumption Academy and cared for St. Benedict’s Chapel in Louisville, KY. Fr. Haynos moved to Syracuse in 2020 where he works at the school while traveling on the weekends to St. James Church in Pittsburgh, PA.

  • Dean of Academics
  • Chaplain of the Girls’ School
  • High School Girls’ Religion
  • 9th & 10th Boys Religion


Fr. Richard Boyle: Principal

Fr. Richard Brueggemann: Boys' Dormitory Director

Mrs. Lisa Bobka: Secretary

Mrs. Cheryl Byrne: Treasurer

Fr. Philip DeLallo: Boys' School Chaplain

Mr. Tom Derowski: Grounds

Fr. Christopher Feeney: Prefect of Discipline

Mr. Vincent Ferrelli: Director of IT

Mrs. Ann Hatty: Admissions, HR, Plan2Protect

Fr. Joseph Haynos: Dean of Academics

Mr. Loren Mader: Facilities Maintenance

Mrs. Debbie Massett: Academy Kitchen Manager

Mr. Douglas Rowe: Vice Principal, Athletic Director

Mr. Thomas Rowe: Asst. Athletic Director



Elementary School

Miss Cecilia Goodwin: Kindergarten

Mrs. Mary Shadwick: Art

Mrs. Beverly Kimball: Mass preparation (K-3)

Mrs. Teresa Jemison: 1st Grade

Miss Bridget Kimball: 2nd Grade

Miss Kathryn Crozier: 3rd  Grade

Miss Gemma Petersen: 4th Grade

Miss Mary Caitlin Jemison:  5th & 6th Grades

Mr. Andrew Tucker: 7th and 8th Grade Boys

Miss Rita Goodwin: Art

Miss Clare Bryan: Music

Miss Constance Mader: Teachers Assistant


High School

Miss Clare Bryan: Music

Mrs. Jamaica DeLisle: Art

Mr. Vincent Ferrelli: Mathmatics and Engineering

Miss Caroline Hamm: Mathmatics

Mrs. Abby Malcuria: Girls P.E.

Mrs. Mary Page: High Schhol Math and Science

Mr. Gregory Randazzo: History

Mrs. Joanne Rowan: Science

Mr. Douglas Rowe: Language Arts Department Head, English, History

Mr. Anthony Zapp: Science